FAoS Index Guide


The terms listed are terms usually questioned because they are not mentioned in most information, below is a very detailed description of what each term means and for some even how to perform them.


Squad Level Index


Squad Meeting – Squad meetings are hosted once a week, this is when the General, Colonel, and Major, have the opportunity to discuss events going on within the Division (Recruiting/Game Weekends, etc) and to discuss issues within the Squad as well as receiving updates within the Squad. These are to be held once a week and are vital for a squad’s success and communication. Generals, Colonels, and Majors should also be asking any of the lower ranks (PVT-SGT) if they want to progress into Staff Roles (LT-CPT) within the Squad. Generals, Colonels, and Majors may also make sure everyone knows the event schedules for their Squad (Gamenights, Workshops, etc).


Game Night – Game Nights are hosted multiple times on a squad level and a Higher up Level every week within FAoS. Whether it’s at a Squad Level or at a Higher Up Level, these Game Nights are optional to lower ranks, but mandatory to Lieutenants and higher. These Game Nights ensure that all members of FAoS get multiple opportunities to meet new people within the community, build new friendships and hopefully a chance to experience the family environment we strive for.


Workshop – Workshops are a class hosted twice a week on a Squad Level and are mandatory in FAoS. Striving to achieve the Highest of Standards when it comes to Education for members in FAoS is of the utmost importance. Workshops can discuss a magnitude of topics depending on what the Squad Leadership hosting choose to discuss and teach to their members attending. Whether it is teaching how to recruit correctly, or helping members train to become staff members, how to better present yourself as a Leader, or even how to navigate the Discord correctly; whatever the Squad Leadership deems necessary can be talked about. The goal of each and every workshop overall should be to put every member possible in the best position to succeed; anything short of that is unacceptable as FAoS does not allow members to fail, FAoS only goes above and beyond to guide members towards success.


Officer Workshop – Officer Workshops are hosted once a week on a Squad Level and are mandatory in FAoS. Ensuring members within FAoS are educated is of course important in FAoS, but Officer Workshops only allow the ranks of Lieutenant through Captain to attend. The goal of having a separate Workshop for Lieutenants and Captains only is to educate them on the next step in rank they will be taking once the Squad Splits, whether its teaching how to better Leaders, How to host a Meeting, Gamenight, or Workshop properly, or even how to handle certain situations that may occur in the community, and etc. This sets up Lieutenants and Captains within FAoS for better success moving forward in their journey to achieve whatever their goal may be in FAoS.


Squad Leadership – Squad Leadership is a term assigned to members who are currently a General, Colonel or Major. This term is used as an abbreviation for these three ranks, to find information on what the General, Colonel, and Major do on a day to day basis, please view the Alpha Rank Structure either on the Website (faosgaming.com), or the official FAoS Discord in the Info section of the Discord Server.


Squad Split – When a Squad reaches 60 total members and has a full Staff (four Lieutenants and four Captains), they are then eligible to split. Once the Split requirements are met, the Division Leader or Co-Division Leader over the Squad must evaluate the Squad as a whole. This ensures there are no inactive members in the Squad and that the Staff of the Squad are prepared to be promoted and become Leaders of their own squad. This also ensures that the CMS members list and the Discord members list for that squad are an exact match. At this point promotions occur, the General becomes a Co-Founder and the Colonel and Major become Generals, one will stay in the splitting Squad and the other will go to the new Squad. The 1st and 2nd Captains will become Colonels, the 3rd and 4th Captains will become Majors, the 1st and 2nd Lieutenants will become 1st Captains, and the 3rd and 4th Lieutenants become 2nd Captains. When the Split is being done the splitting Squad will retain 30 total members; this count does include all staff members and the new squad will gain the other 30 members; this count also includes all staff members. Once done all new General, Colonel, and Majors must be tested by their Co-Founder, once their testing is done the new General, Colonel, and Major will test all of their new Captains.



Division Level Index


Division Staff – The term Division Staff pertains to the ranks of Co-Founder through Division Leader, as it is the staff built by the Division Leader andCo-Division Leader.



Division Meeting – Division Meetings are hosted once a week usually towards the beginning or end of the week. These Meetings are mandatory and extremely important in ensuring the Division is operating smoothly, with efficient Activity, Communication, and Progress. When hosting Division Meetings the Division Leader and Co-Division Leader need to ensure the Founders in their Division have submitted all Proofs for the week so the Division Leader and Co-Division Leader can ensure the correct number of Meetings, Game Nights, Workshops, and Officer Workshops are being hosted per week within each Squad. During this Meeting the Division Leader and Co-Division Leader will receive reports on any issues Squad related or Division Staff related, as well as updates on progress from all the Squads within the Division. Upcoming Activity weekends or Recruiting Weekends or other planned Events can also be announced during this meeting. During this meeting the Co-Division Leader will individually present for each Squad their increase/decrease of members to show how progress within the Squad is going. It is mandatory for at least 2 representatives of Squad Leadership for each Squad to attend (if one of the General, Colonels, or Majors cannot make it for a Squad, it is acceptable to allow a Captain to attend in their absence). If a Division Leader and Co-Division Leader cannot for some reason host a Division Meeting, the assigned Director to them needs to be notified immediately so it can be hosted by the Director.


Recruiting Weekend – Recruiting Weekends are planned events with set goals for each individual squad hosted by the Division Leader/Co-Division Leader, with the goal of growing the community while also assisting members into open staff positions. This event allows members to learn how to recruit and the importance of recruiting, this event starts on a Friday and ends the following Sunday Night. When the Recruit Goal is set for each squad, the Co-Founders must ensure the Squad Leadership they are assigned to, work together to ensure their goal is accomplished, and each new recruit is given the correct Discord Roles and put into the CMS. Squad Leadership should be ensuring their staff is assisting members with Creating Looking for Group posts or anything Recruiting Related, as well as ensuring that each new recruit is being properly recruited. By the end of the weekend, the Squad should have grown at a Consistent Rate and built new Staff Members, Activity should improve, Members should grow Stronger Relationships, and all Participating Members should know how to recruit with confidence on their own.


Activity Weekend – Activity Weekends are planned events of choice hosted by the Division Leader/Co-Division Leader, with the goal of improving the activity within FAoS as a whole, this event can be viewed as an extended Game Night where all new members, members, Staff members, and Squad Leadership, and even Higher ups can all interact and release any stress, forge new friendships, and hopefully experience the Family Environment FAoS strives for.


Division Split – When a Division reaches 500 total members and over 10 Squads they are then eligible to split. Once the Split requirements are met, the Director assigned to that Division must begin evaluating the Division as a whole. This ensures a Co-Founder is assigned to each Squad within the Division, and there is a Founder assigned to each Co-Founder, this ensures the Division Staff has stability and an abundance of higher up help to continue forward. The next step from here would be to make sure the Co-Division Leader and a Founder that was chosen are evaluated and have shown remarkable skills in being Organized, Disciplined, and of course having Leadership Skills, to become the next Division Leaders. Once this has been done the two other Higher Ups within the ranks of Co-Founder and Founder, who have been chosen to be the next Co-Division Leaders are evaluated and have also shown remarkable skills in being Organized, Disciplined, and of course having Leadership Skills. After this has been done, all of the Squads must be evaluated, the reason for evaluating the Squads is to ensure all squads within the Division are operating smoothly and there are no major issues, to ensure a high level of activity within the Division. Once everything has been evaluated and approved to move forward then the Division Split begins. The Division Leader who is splitting this Division will be promoted to Director, the Co-Division Leader and a Founder that was chosen for promotion will become the next Division Leaders. Then, the new Division Leaders and Co-Division Leaders will Divide the remaining Higher Ups evenly between their Divisions as well as dividing the Squads evenly between their Divisions. At this point the Division Split is over with and the new Division Leaders and Co-Division Leaders must be tested by the Director assigned to them.



Director Level Index


Leadership Meeting – Leadership Meetings are mandatory meetings hosted by a Director with the Division Leader and Co-Division Leader they are assigned to, shortly after every Division Meeting. This allows the Division Leadership and the Director assigned to them an opportunity to discuss any topics discussed in the Division Meeting for example issues within the Division Staff, Squad Issues, Failing Squads, Discord Issues, an opportunity as well to discuss the increase/decrease of members and the overall progress of each Squad. This meeting allows a more comfortable and efficient way to discuss how to fix, improve, and how to handle something overall moving forward.